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5 days camping + 4 days of event + final exhibition

Since YETI is an intimate event, where the proximity of the guests and the participants is very important, the vacancies are limited and tend to run out several days before the event takes place. To guarantee your place, register now!

NOTE: This is an event with international guests and that is why all the communication is presented in English. Nevertheless, and since most of the organization’s staff is Portuguese, we are happy to help you if you want to attend but you are afraid of the language barrier.
NOTA: O YETI é um evento com convidados internacionais e, por essa razão, toda a comunicação é feita em inglês. No entanto, como grande parte da equipa da organização é portuguesa, teremos todo o gosto em ajudar-te caso queiras participar, mas tenhas receio da barreira linguística.


Conference: all the songs talk about me

During the creative process, the brain is predisposed to collect incentives (or stimulus?) from our surroundings to relate them with which concerns us. In the end, the work is the result of our obsessions, or is it the other way around?
I will speak about my references, and how finally everything connects with the topic of the commission.

Workshop: arrange that!

We will develop an exercise to dissect, catalog, rank and arrange our obsessions from a narrative point of view.


Conference: I can’t stop life

A view about how work is inspired or expired by life and some lessons learned along seven years of illustrator´s work.

Workshop: What the doctor says

Inspired by information pamphlets of medications, we are going to make a small fanzine illustrating therapeutic instructions.



The secret life of books - It aims to show the process and the way Carolina's works through sketches and backstage drawings. The importance of the narrative and the book as a whole.


I'm asking you to explore and consider different perspectives of narrative inviting you to work with memory, document, imagination and/or representation. In the beginning, you will focus your attention on intuition and in playing with different materials, through limited time exercises. The end result will be a small narrative.



Are there any differences between creating for children as opposed to other audiences? How has working for children influenced my artistic path? Illustrating and writing for this target audience determines some creative options which, in the end, open up the artistic object to a broader audience.


The best stories have unpredictable endings. They don’t defraud readers expectations, but they’re still surprising. During this session, the participants will organize a story in three different moments (problem - solution - catharsis) and understand how to play with tempos and narrative tension.


Conference: Picture book under construction

I will talk about every parts of the process of making a picturebook : methodology or its non-existence, from the first messy sketches to the final storyboard and original illustrations, with all the doubts and the difficulties to stay self-motivated...


Play with textures, shapes, colors, patterns... is most of the time the way that I start to build a picture.
We will explore all the possibilities of these elements composed together, through drawing, cutting and collage.


Conference: Three dances

I will talk about three dances: between form and idea, between research and spontaneity, and between working in the trenches and following creative impulses. I’ll also try to make sense of my path as an illustrator, share tricks I learned and about self sabotage, of course.

Workshop: Think with your hand

Think fast. Don't think. Take your time. Does this make sense? Repetition is a tool. When to stop? Why do sketches look better? We’ll be the image proletariat, working fast in an illustration factory.



Nicolas will talk about being part of a collective (Nous Vous), his creative process and working across multiple disciplines.


The workshop will explore collaborative image-making, using collage to create unexpected ideas and narratives.



I Will talk about my path and the way i’ve turned a graphic designer and lately an independent Artist Without entering an university.


The workshop Will be about painting with spray cans and how i think street art should be made.

Talking about...

…EXHIBITIONS: Ema Ribeiro, Ó! Galeria

Ó! Gallery, located in the sparkling Miguel Bombarda block, in Oporto, is a project focused on illustration, drawing, books, zines and author pieces. Since 2009 it is showing the best examples of illustration from all the around the world. Ema Ribeiro is the proud gallerist of this gallery and works with some collaborators, mostly young and promising illustrators.

…PUBLISHING: André Letria, Pato Lógico

Pato Lógico is a Portuguese, indie and childish publishing house. We’re indie, because we insist on putting passion ahead of profit and childish, since we’re small and love playing with illustrated books. As Portuguese we love fish, like ducks* do.
*Pato Lógico means logical duck. You’re welcome.

… EVENTS PRODUCTION: David Monteiro, Boom Festival

Ana Bustelo (ES)

Ana Bustelo is an illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. She creates illustrations for magazines and newspapers, books, posters and communication campaigns.
She works with different mediums, using digital techniques as well as traditional drawing, collage or painting.
Her work has been acknowledged in some international Awards like Communication Arts, Latin American Illustration, Illustrarte, Bologna Children's Book Fair, Sarjah International Book Fair or INJUVE.

Ana Pez (ES)

Ana Pez was borned in Madrid, Spain, in 1987, where she is living actually. In 2012 she started to work and publish for the editorial market, working for publishers in Spain, France, England, Portugal, Mexico and Brasil. Her book "Mon petit frère invisible" has been laureated with several selections in some of the most important European Children´s Books Fairs, and it obteined an Spetial Mention in the category of Opera Prima of the Bologna Ragazzi Awards in 2015. In 2017 this book was selected for being part of the exhibition "La règle et le jeu" in the Childrens Book Fair of Montreuil, Paris. Also, her illustrations has been selected in other exhibitions and catalogues as Ilustrarte in Portugal, Catalogo Iberoamericano in Mexico or Sharjah´s Illustration Book Fair in Emirates. She completes her work as an illustrator giving workshops all over the world.

Carolina Celas (PT)

Carolina Celas is a Portuguese illustrator. She graduated in Design at Aveiro followed by a post-grad in Illustration at Eina Barcelona and recently finished an MA in Visual Communication at Royal College of Art | London. Her work lies between fiction and reality, exploring attention to detail, humor and the surreal. She works as a freelancer to different mediums and is the author of “Horizonte” book, published by Orfeu Negro

Catarina Sobral (PT)

Born in Portugal in 1985, Catarina Sobral is a published author and illustrator of picture books and animation films. After studying Graphic Design, she graduated in Illustration in 2012. Her illustrations are a regular presence in editorial illustration, album covers and posters, and she has twelve books published in fifteen different languages. Her work has been exhibited both in solo and group shows in many places around the world and recognized by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Portuguese National Illustration Award, the Portuguese Authors’ Society, the White Ravens catalogue and the 3x3 magazine.

Laura KientzlerFR (FR)

Laura Kientzler (born in 1989) lives and works in Strasbourg, France. She currently works as freelance illustrator and picturebook maker. She would love to spend her life writing stories, drawing and playing with papercuts, and eventually chating with 6-10 years-old children about yetis and cow-boys (but only if they like to tell jokes).

Nicolau (PT)

Nicolau, illustrator. Portugal, 1986. After studying design, I spent a few years touring Portugal as a musician with the band doismileoito and later with songwriter Nuno Prata. In the meantime I did illustration work for artists like Miguel Araújo and Carminho. From editoral work to picture books, with some live projections and murals in between, recent clients include Casa da Música, Metro of Porto, Lisbon Public Libraries, Pato Lógico, among others. With Joana Estrela I guide sessions of collective and erratic drawing in Porto, the city where I ride my bike.

Nicolas Burrows (UK)

Nicolas Burrows is an artist, illustrator and musician from Lancashire UK, currently living and working in London. He works primarily with collage, creating abstract and figurative compositions influenced by outsider art and modernist design. Nicolas is a member of Nous Vous, a group of artists & friends collaborating since 2007 across illustration, print design, animation, art direction & publishing.
As a songwriter and musician, he has released a number of recordings under the name Glaciers, and is currently performing & recording as Fell. Nicolas is an associate lecturer on BA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, London.


Born in Lisbon (1983), THE CAVER is mainly a street artist who is also bringing his work into galleries. His background is the traditional graffiti, which he has been doing constantly on the streets since 1998, but nowadays we can see his evoluted and refined work on big murals in many cities. His work is characterized by the use of simple but very strong shapes, combined with a harmonious composition of colors and most of the times with an enigmatic content.